Thursday, 16 February 2012

10 things to do on a bad blind date.

This is hilarious... 

I found this list of things to do while on a bad blind date.... wish I had thought of some of them. 
Faking the Ebola virus is my favourite... 

Ok, I'll make my own list. 

The WASTE OF MAKEUP list of things to do on a bad blind date. 

1.) Excuse yourself to go to the bathroom and go out and key his car.
2.) Steal his credit card and order him things online like snuggies and self-help books.
3.) Put an eno in your mouth and fake a seizure.
4.) Wear your wedding dress.
5.) Chew with your mouth open and let a little food fall onto the table.
6.) Ask him the same question every few minutes.
7.) Draw a cartoon of your bad blind date as it's happening and share it.
8.) Try to pick up another guy right there and then. See what happens.
9.) Arrange his name into an anagram that reads "I am Lord Voldemort."
10.) Call him and ask him out on his cell while you're both sitting there... .. .

Enjoy. I've come close to number 5 in real life, only it was puke. Kind of wonder how I managed to get a second date... but it happened. BELIEVE IT.