Friday, 2 September 2011

#43. Cut-off sneakers.

I was actually studying at a coffee shop when I met #43. He was sitting across from me, and noticed my textbooks were for a Psychology course... of course he happened to also be taking psychology himself at the UofA.

I don't know as much about psychology as I do about psychos.

He was ok looking, clean shaven. The only thing that was he was wearing a short sleeve dress shirt, kind of like the ones that Dwight Shrute wears on "The Office". ? I usually applaud individual style... I'm sick of labels and insecurity on people. But I digress... I soon learned that this guy was one of those pretentious types, that really value their education. Because that's all they have going for them. He was telling me stories about growing up in small town Alberta, his 5 brothers and sisters, how his father was a doctor, and subsequently how all 5 of his siblings have a masters degree.

Then he asks me what school I go to.

I go to a small private college, not a university. I don't really have plans to get a masters when I am finished. This subject matter seemed to bother him, quite a bit... because...

He said "Well, forget you, I'm not marrying some dumb girl". And he grabbed his laptop, books, and headed for the door. This was when I noticed he was wearing Nike sneakers, WITH THE TOES CUT OUT!!! And no socks. I just don't get it. First, he leaves me at the alter, and then refuses to wear a whole shoe. I don't know what would possess a guy to cut the toes out of shoes. Ever hear of sandals? They are comfortable, and less expensive than say, a Nike shoe.

Reasons for cut-off sneakers.

Sat too close to a fire.
You needed ventilation with your raging athlete's foot.
Only your toes are affected with claustrophobia.