Saturday, 20 October 2012


It's Saturday night, and the closest thing in proximity is a 2 inch red cockroach laying on it's back on the floor twitching in this hostel. So, as you can see if I lower my standards a bit I have a date only 6 feet away. GLORY!

I thought I'd share some stats. I love it when new countries read the blog, like Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, and Greece... etc. It's usually just once though, enough to give me a little thrill and wish that I was in those countries eating ethnic food and squatting on strange toilets. But of course the most views are from North America and Russia. But Rwanda? How did that happen? Is anyone in Rwanda even remotely interested in a white girl from Canada that meets Christian guys that are either insane, un-socialised or just plain rude? (and cheap..... don't forget they are cheap).

I also wanted to share the stats for "search keywords" because I am a little dumbfounded.

Beautiful Thai women? - I'm not Thai, but I can speak a little.
"Are you warm in that sweater?" - why would anyone google THAT?
Dairy Queen Hulk Cakes. - when did I EVER blog about dairy queen, the hulk or cake?
I don't care if you stand on your he... ??? I can't even read the rest of that sentence.

Last but not least...
Kids in underwears. - ok perverts, stay the hell away from my blog!