Saturday, 29 September 2012


So a friend of mine that was single FOREVER and we were all worried she had joined the other team... told me today that she met a guy through friends that met on Plenty of Fish. Apparantly internet dating works... (for some people).

I peeked at what's available and it inspired a new game called:

SHOULD I DATE THIS MAN? fun with cut and paste. 

Option 1) I am a single-minded stereotypical asian single man who enjoys the outdoors. I like to travel when possible to shake up the natural tendency of the daily routine. I am fortunate to work among fantastic coworkers in a career that I enjoy. In spare time I like to play chess or read. It will be nice to meet someone just as interesting.

On a first date: Something not requiring too much idle conversation. How about cycling, tennis, or golf?

Option 2) Hey,Currently i am spending sometime in the Prison System. (Edmonton Instn)
I Love Mototcycles, I Enjoy all kinds of Music some new some old, while i'm in here I work out everyday, do some reading even go to church ever sunday. I think I'm a pretty easy going guy, made a mistake and now working on paying the price,
I also help my dad fix up Race cars, spent time at the race track.
I am Looking for someone to Write to me, send me letters, pictures, maybe get to know eachothe that way (pen-pal)
i do not have much computer acss so this would be the best way!
look forward to getting to know someone that doesn't judge a book.... 

On a first date: A 1st date, that would most likely be a visit inside, its a High security place so anyone with a record couldn't come.

Option 3) my hobbies are swimming and roller blading.i also like cooking im a great cook.i mostly find bad girls so i was hoping i might meet a couple good one if i tried online dating for a change. everyone around me is crying most of the love to get married but so far its just a dream.

On a first date: id think first dates are mostly just a chance to see if we can get along,theres so many angry people out there im just looking for some one as happy as i point in dating gloomy girls.


To be honest.. I'm leaning towards the criminal.