Saturday, 26 November 2011

Double Disaster.

Alright so sometimes I make bad choices, and one of these is to date guys that do not have transportation. I understand that sometimes there are circumstances, but how can people live without a car? Isn't it normal to save up and buy a crappy Honda civic in high school? This is one bad habit that I am ready to break.

I went out with this guy who was a friend, but always asked me out all the time... so I finally gave in. But get this.... he wanted me to meet him at the mall! Because we are in junior high, right? So ok, I can do that. We had made plans to eat in Bourbon street, and see a movie afterwards. But what he didn't tell me, is that he invited another couple to come with us? I got to the meeting place, and he was there with his friends and then tells me it's a double date?

This is super annoying by the way. I can be flexible, but was it so hard to ask me if I wanted to go on a double date? Or, at least inform me beforehand?

So ok. His friend refused to eat anywhere in the mall, and pitched a fit. It was actually causing a scene, and totally embarrassing. His date was a Filipino girl, that spoke almost no English, but had incredibly large breasts. Somehow I understood the relationship. To placate him, we just went to the restaurant that HE wanted to go to, so he would shut up and be a grown up. Thankfully it was the olive garden, which I love. We get there and the friend orders 2 appetizers, and when they come he offers to share them. I didn't eat any because the meals are huge and you get free bread and salad anyhow.

Every time my friend and I start talking to each other, his friend interrupts us and makes the conversation about him. His date..... says almost nothing. Because she doesn't know English. I asked him how they communicated, and he said that he gives her a free place to live and she gives him her pay cheque. OMG, right? What a louse. I wrote on my napkin "Find another guy" and slid it across the table. It didn't matter, since she can't read she just wiped her mouth on it.

At the end of the meal, I asked the server for a separate cheque. I usually do this, because I always have cash and I lay down a good tip no matter what. A good deal of the time, the other person says, "I'll take the cash and pay debit/credit" and I have no way of knowing if they are tipping, or stealing my tip. With a separate cheque there are no problems, and I can show my face in the restaurant again. This time- the friend said "No, I got it." This kind of indicated that he was paying the whole bill? Am I wrong? I thought that was great, considering it was his show all night and it was like we were getting paid to watch it.

The bill comes, and he gets out his nokia (yeah, this was before iPhone days) and he punches something in and then says "Ok, we'll split it 4 ways. You guys owe $__.__ each".

Excuse me?

1.) You told the server you were paying the whole bill.
2.) You ate two appetizers all by yourself.
3.) How can you expect us to split it equally? THAT'S INSANE.

I just looked at my "date," and shook my head, and chipped my share in. I didn't want to be rude to his friend, but let me tell you I was M.A.D. This is my biggest dating pet peeve... obviously if you read this blog you know that already. So I asked to see the bill to see how much the tip needed to be, and his friend wouldn't let me see it! I explained that I just needed to know how much to tip, and he said that $2 should cover it. Are you crazy? Only tipping $2 on a bill that is over a hundred dollars? That's so mean! He said that since they get paid a wage that a tip shouldn't be mandatory. Ok, it's not but being a server really sucks sometimes, and it's amazing how much a good tip makes you feel really good about yourself. Like it's a horrible job, but when you're good at it you get a shot of self confidence.

We went to the lobby... and I went back to the table to leave money on it while no one was looking.

When I went back, my "date's" friend said that we were all playing laser tag next. I couldn't stand this guy for one more second... so I said that my ankle was sprained and I'd take a rain check. I said goodbye to the group as a whole, and "limped" to my car. My "date" catches up with me and says "Uh, I need a ride home."

Sigh. Alright, I was kind of expecting it, so I didn't mind that much, just hoped to pass him off to his amazing friend instead. As I near his house he tells me to take a detour and drop him off at a friends house. I'm thinking... "Um, am I your mum? This isn't a mini-van or a taxi." I dropped him at his friends house, and he invites me in to play video games. He really, really wanted me to come in and meet his friends. He kept whining "Why, Why can't you meet my friends?" I just smiled and said maybe another time... and he took that to mean "lean over and try to stick your tongue down my throat".

I punched him in the face. I've only done this a few times in my life, and each time it was well deserved.

On the way home I went to the movie theater and saw a movie by myself. It was pretty good from what I remember.