Friday, 18 November 2011

Mr. Naked

I call this guy "Mr. Naked" because it seemed like he had a really hard time keeping his clothes on. I re-iterate again, that I only date Christian guys, and I seem to meet all the freaky weird Christians somehow.

I met this guy online, he was decent looking, brown hair, glasses, but not nerdy. He was pretty buff actually. He wanted to meet at this tea place downtown which I hate, because there is no parking nearby. And, I also hate tea. Whatever. I got to the tea place and had to park 3 blocks away, but this is sometimes a good thing. If you accidentally meet a psycho instead of a normal date, having your car far is good. They can't memorize your license plate and STALK YOU. But, they might follow you to your car and slice your throat in a back alley... hmm... ok it's a toss up. Take a cab.

Anyhow, he looked just like his pictures, not too bad. This guy was like a total tea nerd/snob. He smells them all before he makes his decision, sneering his nose at chamomile and mint, and going for something "more earthy." It all looks like dirty twigs and leaves to me anyhow. This was the type of tea place that only serves tea. No coffee. No hot chocolate. No smoothies. No juice. No bottled water. No glasses of water. So, for me.... I really couldn't have anything. I asked for just a plain glass of hot water, and they said no. They made me buy a tea bag, to get a cup of hot water. Even when I explained that I don't like tea, and I didn't want to make my date uncomfortable by being the only one drinking. Did you catch when I said "I bought a tea bag?" Yup. Another cheapskate.

During our conversations I found out that he worked with computers, lived in a loft, and was German. He went to church, rode a bike... etc. One interesting thing he mentioned that since he was German, he was allowed to drink as much beer as he wanted, even though he went to church on Sundays. He's right, people CAN drink as much as they want, when they want. It's just not necessarily very Godly behaviour. Are we still good here? I'm not judging you, do what you want. I mean, I'm part Ukrainian, so I can eat as much perogies as I want right? And, I'm part Scottish so I can play the bagpipes whenever the hell I want to right? Good, I'm glad we got that straight.

Where this date went wrong:

He mentioned that he has a lot of tattoos. And, he showed them to me. He took his shirt right off, in the middle of the tea place, and showed me his sweaty German torso. Ok. Then, he TOOK HIS PANTS OFF. Yes, he had other tattoo's that he wanted to show me. The most memorable out of them all, was on his calf he had a tattoo of a cartoon Jesus, boxing with a cartoon Devil.... and winning. It was so bizarre.

I remember nothing more after this, except that we left and he kept chatting with me outside the place, even though it was freezing out.

Yeah, I didn't call him again.