Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Rudegirl strikes again!

Did I ever mention that I've been known to do a little belly dancing in the past? I'm not pro, but I can fake my way through with a coin belt and a good shimmy. One of my good friends was a teacher, so I took a couple years of classes. I met her boyfriend several times, knew his name and all that jazz. One day she calls me and asks if I remember dating him 12 years in the past? What? No way.

She tries to jog my memory, mentioning that he plays guitar for a local ska band. I knew I had never dated anyone from that band.. but I did date a guy from a different ska band and I told her all about it...

------------Dream Sequence---------- 
    Lets go back to 1998, shall we?

I went to a punk rock show with a few friends. This, is something I did regularly... a few times a week. I even had a fake I.D so I could go to punk rock shows that weren't all ages. This is how I stayed thin in high school... drinking my calories and skanking at ska shows. There are many ways to skank just so you know.

Drunk Mosh Pit Skanking
Skanking with a STOMP
Old School Jamican Skank
How To Get Beat Up Skank 
Skank Vs Skank 

The last video is the closest to MY Skank... the rude girl, not the actual skank. Basically you just hold out your elbows, swing your arms and kick your legs out. You can add a jump, a double kick... but one of the worst things ever is getting elbowed in the eye socket by a tall, sweaty, shirtless guy in a mosh pit. I know this.

So at the show I had my two-tone clothes on and was skanking to the opening act to Fishbone. The band was actually pretty good, from what I remember. The guitar player caught my eye, and he started guitar flirting with me. If you've been guitar flirted with... then you know what I mean. If not, I'm afraid I can't explain it... but there were sparks. I had to leave the show early, so I wasn't able to talk to this guy or get his number or name.

A few days later one of my friends from the show calls me and is screaming and super excited because my flirty guitar guy tracked me down through a friend of a friend of a trumpet player. So she gave him my # and told me to expect his call. Melt. Honestly... so flattering. Like this guy put a lot of effort into asking a hundred strangers if they knew me. So he called and we made plans to meet up.

This is where I learned that he was not even 18 years old, didn't drive, lived at home, was in high school, wore clothes his mother picked out, and wasn't allowed to talk on the phone after 8pm.

My "inner party girl" didn't want to date a guy who couldn't party seriously--- so one day that I was supposed to meet him I stood him up. He called me later on that day and was super super pissed at me. I remember this quite clearly. I made some lame excuse like I was sick and couldn't call him because he was at school.... and we never talked to each other again.

---------Dream Sequence Over.--------

So I am telling my friend this story, about how I stood him up, and how he was a loser, and lame and a momma's boy.... all that jazz. And she stops me and says "Yeah that's him."

Gulp. Rudegirl strikes again.

Bonus track:

What's SKA? Ok, well the video below is weird Japanese Ska I found on the internet... but a few of my favorites are/were: The SelectorBuck o NineMighty Mighty BosstonesVoo Doo Glow Skulls and Save Ferris. Too many to link them all.