Tuesday, 18 October 2011

#25 not so Happy Meal.

During the summer of 2009 I had a set-up with a guy my friend worked with. She worked at a design company, and she had taken pictures of this guy with her iPhone while they were eating lunch at work. For all I could see, he looked really hot eating a sandwich. And yes.. I only date Christian guys, so yes... he was. But altogether cuter than the ones I already knew.

So we set up a coffee date over email, and since I had errands to do downtown we met at a coffee place  that had free parking, yay! I got there first, which is lame, because I am always so stupidly prompt. On a blind date, I always feel being early looks like you are desperate. When the guy came in, I had to wipe a bit of drool off my chin because he was actually really good looking. Amen.

He announces that he doesn't really want coffee, and did I want to get something to eat? At the time I was on the Dr. Bernstein diet, so I basically ate 460 calories a day (yes, I counted) and watched my own body eat my own fat. The result was amazing, I was skinnier than when I was in high school and could wear size zero. (Don't get grossed out, I'm only five feet tall so I basically looked average). I figured that getting something to eat wasn't a bad idea due to his dreamy-ness, and I could just eat a salad. So we get in his ESCALADE and drive a few blocks. Into an actual McDonald's drive through. Yes folks, this hot rich guy took me to McDonald's. Not even into the greasy place, just to the drive through. Sigh. He ordered a full biggie sized big mac meal. I ordered a diet coke, because he said that he usually didn't allow eating in his ESCALADE, and I didn't want to offend with a dry, dressing-less salad.

He parks in the parking lot, and spreads out napkins all over his lap, steering wheel, sides of the seat and left a stack on the dashboard in case of emergency. He carefully opens up his big mac box. He slowly reaches for it, and... eats it layer by layer. ??? Do people really do this? I was confused, because in the pictures my friend took he was eating like a normal person. I mentioned that it was unusual to eat a burger like that, and he said that because he was in the ESCALADE it had to be done, in case of spills. I am all for being creative, but the smell of that burger and fries was driving me crazy!!! I hadn't eaten a proper meal in MONTHS, and here we were, hot-boxing an ESCALADE with the intoxicating scent of McDonald's.

At the end of this date I had decided not to see him again, because I just got the impression that he wanted to drive someone around in his ESCALADE, and he was just a little too hot, if you know what I mean. Not to mention being 5 years younger than me. I would have had to work too hard to maintain my hotness next to his smooth baby skin. I almost wanted to look in the glove box for pampers and baby powder.

The more I read this entry, the more I want to date someone my own age that has wrinkles.