Sunday, 2 October 2011

Happy One Month Anniversary!

Today is a happy day, because the blog is one month old!

Over 2000 people have been exposed to my horrible dating career, and laughed, shook their heads in disbelief or pitied me. I'm OK with that. I do all three simultaneously sometimes. 
And other times, I throw up a little in my mouth.

Thank you to all the emails that come in with praise for the blog, and no, you're not alone in this. Dating is horrible sometimes. It's addictive... it's like you never know WHAT will happen. It could be the one, or it could be horrible... me, I like the horrible ones. It gives me something to make fun of when 
My big Fat Gypsy Wedding isn't on T.V.

And as for the rude emails.... did you not read the disclaimer? I don't care about what you have to say. Either do the Gypsies.