Wednesday, 12 October 2011

# 35 The date that never happened.

I had forgotten about this one, until a friend reminded me this weekend. I didn't even bother recording it in my journal, I guess I wanted to forget it as soon as it happened. I was actually really shaken up after this encounter, and I had called my friend from my car to let me come over and have her follow me to my house and walk me to the door!

This was a guy that found me online, and wanted to meet up. I checked his profile, and he was 6 foot, normal looking, a bit beefy, and had pictures of his quad, his dog, his truck, and himself- shirtless at the gym. I don't understand WHY guys do this? Do they think that it makes them seem attractive? I would rather see pictures of a guy helping old ladies across the road. One day, I'm going to BE an old lady and I will need help when my bones get as brittle as sponge toffee. Forget that... my new requirement for a date is a picture of a guy FEEDING an old lady, might as well go for the bonus round.

Usually these guys want to date tall, thin, busty blonds with lip injections that put out, so I'm not sure what attracted him in the first place. But, he said that he was a Christian on his profile and in his shirtless picture he had a Jesus fish tattoo...? Couldn't be all that bad... ???

So I was supposed to meet this guy at Moxies restaurant. It was the middle of the week, and a chilly winter night. I'm usually pretty prompt, unless there's traffic or an accident or something. It being winter, and rush hour... I gave myself an extra 20 min to get there on time. Even with that, the traffic crawled... there was a train holding us all up. Stupid trains. I pull into the parking lot, and I'm only 2 minutes late. That's not such a big deal is it? Most people would think that is actually right on time, right?

I walk into the Moxies, and the hostess helps me find this guy sitting by himself in a booth. He sees me, stands up and YELLS at the top of his voice, "WHERE THE F### HAVE YOU BEEN? I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU, LOOKING LIKE AN A###### SITTING BY MYSELF HERE!!!!!"

I just stopped in my tracks, my heart started pounding and I looked at the hostess whose eyes were wide open. Everyone in the restaurant was staring open mouthed at him. I turned on my heels and RAN to my car and got in, slammed the door, locked it and started the engine and drove off as fast as I could. I probably deserved a speeding ticket that day. I called my friend and basically just said I was coming over and she could tell from the tone of my voice that something was wrong. I felt like such a baby, asking her to take me home and tuck me in, but I've got some great friends and I would do the same. Spinsters UNITE! She let me in, gave me a hug, made me hot chocolate, gave me an Oreo and sat back to listen to what happened. She's going to make a GREAT Mom one day. 

So that's that. The date that never happened.

I am going to give you some advice here...

Never date someone with serious anger issues. That's pretty obvious, but when you are in love you tend to overlook faults. Until you get a black eye or bite marks on your shoulder. Then, you justify it somehow, and even though I don't know you... you deserve better than that. My youth pastor gave me this advice, and I will never forget it.

and... it took me almost a year to go back to that particular Moxies.