Sunday, 30 October 2011

#38...... continued.

Many of you read my first entry about third date guy, and there is a reason he's called third date guy. Three dates... obviously.

So in spite of my stunning projectile vomiting this guy wanted to go out again. 

Or did he?

After date #1, a mutual friend told me to be careful, because this guy just hangs out with girls and flirts, and texts, and it never goes any further and the girl(s) get really hurt. Hmmm. This made me wonder if maybe he was a closet gay guy? A lot of my gay guy friends have tons of flirty relationships with girls. ??? Hopefully not though. Another mutual friend told me that he told them that he had no intentions in dating me again, he didn't like me, wasn't interested... that kind of thing. So when he wanted to hang out again, I was like "Hey wait a minute..."

Reference Bridget Jones Diary. 

Well, yes... this sounded to me like a clear case of "Emotional Fuckwittage". I first learned the term while watching the favorite movie of all slightly overweight single 30 something girls. Bridget Jones Diary. I've even read the book, which has far more crude British language, in case you are in the mood. But I digress. Warning bells went off, and what's a girl to do? What would a normal girl do? What would you do? I can only tell you what I did, and that was to CALL HIM OUT. 

I descended my testicles, totally confronted him and he was at first mad at his friend for telling me, and second totally denied it. Really? Come on, I wasn't born yesterday. The part that makes me REALLY MAD is that he got me to admit that I did kind of like him, and I was interested. He replied with "That's cool." ??? That's cool?  Come on, I at least deserve a reciprocal interest-ation. Well what do you have to say for yourself Mr. Cool? 

He said that he totally wants to see me again, to get to know me better. Can you really trust a guy who behaves like this? My friends aren't liars, so I believed them. I tried to believe the best in this guy as well, so Date #2 happened, even though I felt like I was getting played the whole time. 

Third Date guy happened to have a motorbike- so we went for a ride. This is kind of awkward. If you've ever been a Christian girl, on a date with a Christian guy.... you will probably try to keep from wrapping your entire body around his. It's kind of skanky. But when you're on the back of a bike going super fast through back roads... yeah you just have to do it or..... fall to your death. I chose skank instead of death. Always a good choice. We stopped for hot chocolate, I managed not to throw up again, and went back out on the bike. Generally.... this guy is not a bad guy. He somewhat redeemed himself by being nice and shielding my freezing hands from the wind... good manners matter. But that's about it... I honestly don't remember too much more, but I must have had a brain aneurysm because we ended up going out again. This is why I call the blog "waste of makeup".... sometimes you waste your time, and makeup, but ever holding out that the next one will be the last one.