Wednesday, 14 September 2011

#26 Sweater Guy

2 years ago I was trying to make some extra cash waitressing at a pizza place. I hate family restaurants and families that let their kids scream uncontrollably, make a mess with crayons, make a mess with salt and pepper, spill, and not tip. Totally un-related to dating but that's what you think.

Two really cute guys got sat in my section, and after talking to them for a bit while bringing them non-stop pop and pizza one of them asked for my number. I was like, "Are you serious? I'm not your type". But the guy was like, "No no, you seem funny, I'd like to talk to you some more". OK whatever. So I met him the next day at the second cup right next door to my work before my shift. 

The guy shows up IN A BILL COSBY SWEATER. I couldn't believe my eyes. Really tight light blue skinny jeans, and a Cosby sweater? I wasn't sure if he had done it to: 

a.) Be funny
b.) No sense of style
c.) Maybe some retro style I didn't know about?
d.) Anniversary of the day his grandfather died so he wore his sweater to remember him. 
e.) Roommate's stole all his clothes and left that. 
f.) Honestly was alive in the 80's and still had relics.
g.) Heck for all I knew it actually was Bill Cosby's sweater.
h.) He was Bill Cosby. 

I was dying to ask about the sweater. From the moment that I walked in, to saying hi, to ordering drinks and sitting down... all I could think about was the sweater. The need to know what was up with the sweater had crawled into my brain and infected me with Bill Cosby-itis. It got so bad I was not even listening to him talk anymore. To this day I cannot remember a single thing about him, or what he said.

sweater, sweater, sweater. 

I kept looking for a way to bring it up in conversation, but then just asked him, "Are you warm in that sweater? It's a little warm in here hey?" 

and he said honest for goodness, "This is my Bill Cosby sweater, would you like a jello pudding pop? hey hey hey!" In a serious Cosby impression...

One of the best blind dates ever. Too bad I quit that job and never saw him again!