Wednesday, 7 September 2011

#41. "Free gift with purchase".

One of the wondrous things about the Internet is online shopping. You can browse, check reviews, check out different colors and fits... and have it all shipped to your house. Online dating is kind of like that. Except sometimes the product description is all wrong, and you can't get a refund.

A guy contacted me from the Internet, and wanted to meet me. His profile said he was white, blond hair, green eyes, clean-shaven, Christian, 5 foot 10, with a job, car and college degree. Wow, right? Everything looked great, he had a sense of humor, liked monster truck rally's and has never been married. I was impressed, and genuinely wanted to meet this guy.

So we made plans to meet on the south side for an early dinner at a diner. I had thought that this guy seemed promising, so a dinner instead of just a coffee date seemed longer but maybe better? lol.

Ok..... so, this guy shows up WITH HIS CHILDREN. Excuse me? Your profile said you DIDN'T HAVE ANY CHILDREN. I was pretty taken aback, but the kids were cute at least. Two little boys that proceeded to scream at the top of their lungs and fight over a yellow car, and then a purple truck. Because they were like, 3 years old. The guy said "Yeah, I thought you'd like to meet my children, when the divorce is final maybe they will be all yours!" in a joking manner. DIVORCE? "You mean you're married?" I asked. "No, well, yes. Actually we're kind of separated, but she wants to get back together I think." "Oh ok, well how long have you been separated?" I asked. "About 2 months. I had the kids this weekend". OMG.

You have got to be freaking kidding me? You know what I call that?

a DOG. You are married, with kids, separated for 2 months, and lie to girls on the Internet and say you are single? Let me guess, along with lying about that you probably lied about a multitude of other things. I bet that if you didn't have your kids, you'd be expecting to get laid. Well, think again, this girl doesn't put out. Just.... honestly. Who does that? I had no idea what to say to this guy... I was livid... and embarrassed... and I threw down a $20 and said that I was feeling sick and had to go home early. I wasn't going to tell this story to anyone, ever, but what the heck this blog is fun.

I wish I would have had his wife's number to clue her in to fight for sole custody.