Monday, 19 September 2011

Guest Blog #1 Scrappy date.

Happy Monday, I get to share my first guest blog with you!

"First off, love love love your blog! A friend of mine sent it to me and I nearly died laughing". 

YESSSS! I love being the object of everyone's laughter!!!! 

"Back when I was in university I met a boy at the local pub. After many rounds of beer pong we exchanged numbers. Fast forward a few days and he is at my house picking me up for my date. I had been told the activity for the date was going to be a "surprise". I was already mildly annoyed by this response (how does one dress for a "surprise"). As I climb into his truck I notice a few pieces of scrap metal in the back. He obviously saw my quizzical look and responded, "Ya, on Saturday afternoons I drive around town looking for scrap metal people leave by the curb, I thought it'd be fun to bring a date along this time." Now, I am not passing judgement for collecting scrap metal, but it hardly constitutes as a passable first date activity. For four hours we drove around, making frequent stops. During one particular stop he yelled at me for "making him lift all the heavy stuff". The date was concluded with a stop to the scrap metal yard so he could collect money for all the crap we had been scrounging for all day.
He didn't even offer to take me out for a beer with the money he pocketed, just dropped me off home and asked when we could hang out next". 

a.) What the?
b.) Scrap Metal?
c.) 4 hours of driving and awkward conversation and you can't even leave?
d.) He should lift all the heavy stuff. How else can he impress you?
e.) Oh wait, collecting scrap metal. That's how.
f.) If you leave out scraps..... he will come. 

I don't claim to be 100% telepathic, but I read your mind and got this picture...